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A highland bagpiper can help give a loved one a very special send off. 

Ed has been performing at funerals for over 30 years and is the first choice bagpiper for a number of funeral directors including branches of The Co-Op Funeral Care, Dignity and A.W. Lymns. Ed offers a respectful and professional service and can cater for Irish as well as Scottish funerals with his repertoire and choice of attire. 


From £165


  • Leading the funeral cortege to the chapel.

  • Piping the casket into the service

  • Piping a requested tune during the service.

  • Piping as mourners exit the service and gather outside.

Leeds Bagpiper Hire

From £165


  • Leading the coffin into the service

  • Piping a requested tune during the service / committal .

  • Piping as mourners exit the service

  • Leading the coffin to the graveside

  • Playing a few tunes in the background at the end of the service as mourners say their final goodbyes.


From £130

Wake / Memorial

  • Piping guests into a venue

  • Piping several sets of medleys / requested tunes during the first hour

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